IIA Study Ranks Enterprise Analytics Maturity by Industry

Jul 12, 2016

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) recently completed and published market research on enterprise analytics maturity that reveals significant gaps in analytics performance between industries. This market study includes responses from 50 companies across 10 industries, including “digitally native” high performing companies and blue-chip industrial firms, using IIA’s proprietary analytics maturity assessment model.

One of the key findings from the study is that analytics maturity varies significantly across industries and among the best companies in each industry. Additionally, the gap between “digital native” companies and traditional companies is noteworthy. Facing disruption from digital competitors requires that companies of all types must continue to invest in the development of analytics capabilities to remain competitive.

The report summarizes the findings and provides an overview of the state of analytics maturity across industries. It also provides a view on how analytics impacts corporate performance, and actionable advice to boost a company’s analytics initiatives.

“As firms devote more and more resources to their data and analytics programs, IIA has been tracking the state of analytics maturity across industries. It is valuable to study the high performers and also get a good benchmark of where various industries succeed or struggle,” said Jack Phillips CEO and Co-Founder of IIA.

Read the full press release here.